The Things Among Us


Always Rollin up

"Cause unlike You I have nothing to hide,
I don’t pretend to have any shame,
I got a box we could put all your lies in
Until the end of days”-

I’m so tired of crying.
quite over being played around with.
I am human, not an object.
If you like me, tell me. Don’t lie.
But don’t use me just to use somebody.
for anything.


Six Beautifully Formed Natural Bridges

A natural bridge, also called a natural arch, is formed by erosion that occurs in massive, horizontally bedded sandstone or limestone. Some bridges, such as the Natural Bridge near Lexington, Virginia (picture 2) are formed by the collapse of a cavern’s roof that may leave remnant portions as bridges. Others may be produced by entrenched rivers eroding through meander necks to form cutoffs. Still others are produced by exfoliation and may be enlarged by wind erosion. Superb examples can be found at Rainbow Bridge National Monument (picture 3) and the Natural Bridges National Monument (picture 6), both in Utah.

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Via Curious History


Multnomah Falls, Oregon. Simply majestic to witness a 627 foot waterfall.

This is how my cat Sky poses for the camera #siamese #devilcat #catsofinstagram @cats_of_instagram

When I think of you and know i can’t see you it chokes me up

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